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New Malachite

New Malachite is a new stabilized gemstone created by Advance Jewel, this is a new natural semi precious stone found by our company and thru gemological check that it’s one kind of Chalcedony.

The basic theory of producing this new Malachite is very similar to the gemstone Stabilized Arizona Turquoise ; the stabilization process of gemstone is to enhance the structure and the color of the natural gemstone thru high temperature, injecting of color poly-resin under vacuum & final completion by heating, such process is to achieve an ideal stone for gemstone cutting, carving and polishing.

Advance Jewel has created this new Malachite with our cutting edge technological production system, our product department has spent years to innovate this new gemstone, the main reason is that the genuine Malachite material is shortage in supply, besides the mines mainly producing the low quality with high price.

New Malachite, a new substitute of Malachite gemstone, has nearly the same beautiful of super A grade genuine malachite, but the price is only one third or even less, this is a good reason for the large dealers and designer to implement our New Malachite into their projects, if you are interested please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.



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